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Listening to the Father's Heart, by Os Hillman Overcoming Hindrances to Fulfilling Your Destiny (Paperback), by Os Hillman
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Listening to the Father's Heart, a 365-day devotional. You will  be encouraged and inspired by these short writings that are filled with glimpses of the Father's heart for His children. Beautiful book with embossed leatherette cover and ribbon bookmark. Great gift idea! 292 pages. For a limited time, your book purchase includes an mp3 download of Os Hillman's session on this topic from our Change Agent Weekend Intensive! Os Hillman has been helping men and women understand their purpose and destiny for over thirty years. He’s discovered that Satan has a planned strategy to derail Christians from God’s intended destiny for their life. He learned these lessons the hard way – through personal experience. You will find that the truths that are revealed in this book are not just a theory or a teaching, but are lessons learned from real-life hindrances that Os has discovered and overcome, and in some cases, still overcoming in his own life. He has helped many become free of their own hindrances to fulfilling their destinies. This book will help you do the same. Paperback, 143 pgs.
TGIF (Today God is First) Volume 1 Pocket Devotional, by Os Hillman Faith-Based Groups in Public Companies Teleseminar - Mp3 Download, with Heather Bell Atria
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Pocket-sized devotional!  Great gift idea!  Os Hillman's daily email devotional that is one of the fastest growing devotionals on the Internet today. Now you can have all 365 daily messages at your fingertips with a topical index. Leatherette bound, gilded edge pages, ribbon bookmark. Measures 6.6 inches high and 3.3 inches wide. 384 pages. Can you start a Christian faith-based community in a public corporation? Sure you can! However, there are things you need to know. There is a right and wrong way to do it. Please join us as Os Hillman hosts Heather Bell Atria from American Express in New York City. Heather has an inspiring testimony that includes meeting Os and receiving prayer many years ago by him that she was going to be used in the marketplace, and now leading the faith-based initiative at American Express. You won’t want to miss her inspiring story. She reveals how her community has become a valuable addition to new markets for American Express and much more. Recorded October 24, 2013. Suggested donation is $20. A donation of any amount will give you access to the teleseminar. You can adjust amount up or down after you add item to your cart.
Teleseminar on Where Technology and Faith Intersect - Mp3 Download, with Neil Ahlsten Faith@Work: What Every Pastor and Church Leader Should Know (Paperback), by Os Hillman
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What's it like to live your faith at the world's leading technology company in the world? Join us as we find out from Neil Ahlsten who is a marketplace leader at Google. We will also discover why Google actually sponsored Neil to develop a new app that will help you pray for others audibly using your mobile device. Join us for what should be a very inspiring look at how one Marketplace believer is living out his faith at Google. Recorded November 14, 2013. Suggested donation is $20. A donation of any amount will give you access to the teleseminar. You can adjust amount up or down after you add item to your cart.

A must resource for both pastors and marketplace leaders. Is there a real move of God in the workplace? If so, what do pastors and church leaders need to know? How can the church mobilize workplace believers to impact their city and nation? The Faith@Work Movement by Os Hillman will answer these and many more questions about the modern-day faith at work movement. Foreword by Dr. Peter Wagner.