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How We Lost the 7 Mountains - Audio CD, by Os Hillman
Our Price: $10.00

In this main session of the 2008 Reclaiming the 7 Mountains of Culture Conference, Os Hillman will lay the foundation of why Christians are called to reclaim the 7 mountains as revealed in the book of Joshua.
Courage - Audio CD, by Os Hillman
Our Price: $10.00

In this talk, Os Hillman helps you navigate circumstances with courage instead of fear. He reveals some of the hidden things behind fear that you can avoid.
Equipping the Church in the Workplace - Audio CD, by Os Hillman
Our Price: $10.00

Research tells us more than 90% of believers do not feel equipped to live out their faith in their workplace. Why is that? The local church should be a local equipping center to train and release men and women in the workplace to be change agents in the culture. In this session Os Hillman explains why this is not happening and what pastors and church leaders can do to better equip their congregations. This session features a theology of work teaching, a history of faith and work, and several tips for pastors who want to better equip their men and women in the workplace.
The Upside of Adversity: From the Pit to Greatness - Audio CD, by Os Hillman
Our Price: $10.00

How to you view adversity in your life? How does this shape your view of God? How can you discover the reason for your adversity? These and other questions are answered in this informative message from Os Hillman on the Upside of Adversity. You will discover why adversity is sometimes the entry door to a greater story of your life and why sometimes adversity must be viewed from a different lense – God’s lense. Discover God’s view of adversity in this encouraging message.
Overcoming Through Intercessory Prayer - Audio CD, by Os Hillman
Our Price: $10.00

Did you know that many things on earth don't happen because we have not exercised the authority God has given to us? When Jesus was about to leave earth He gave authority to His disciples and to us to activate His covenants on the earth. Find out why we fail to see God move on our behalf and how you can see things happen by applying what Os shares in this new teaching on intercessory prayer.
Uniting Workplace Leaders and the Local Church - Audio CD, by Os Hillman and Kent Humphreys
Our Price: $10.00

This Audio CD is a three-part CD featuring thirty minute presentations from Os Hillman and Kent Humphreys followed by a discussion among well-known workplace and church leaders.
Making War Against the Jezebel Principality - Audio CD Series, by Craig Hill
Our Price: $10.00

In this series, Craig Hill exposes the operations of the Jezebel spirit and reveals how to war against it and tear it down.
Why Does My Husband Remind Me of My Dad? (or Why Does My Wife Remind Me of My Mom?) CD Series, by Craig Hill
Our Price: $30.00
Sale Price: $10.00
You save $20.00!

In this insightful teaching, Craig Hill shows how the way we react in our adult relationships often reflects our childhood relationships. CD series purchase includes FREE study materials that provide a review and practical application of the teaching.
The Cross and the Marketplace Call - Audio CD, by Os Hillman
Our Price: $10.00

Join Os Hillman as he presents this exciting session on The Cross and the Marketplace Call: Understanding the Role of Brokenness in Fulfilling Your Calling.
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