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How to Discover Why God Made You (eBooklet), by Os Hillman
Our Price: $4.99

This is the INSTANT DOWNLOAD eBook version (ePub format) of "How to Discover Why God Made You" by Os Hillman.  Access this eBook today and save money on shipping costs!
How to Discover Why God Made You (Booklet), by Os Hillman
Our Price: $5.00

I will never forget the first time a board member said to me, “Os, I think you know what your natural gifts and talents are, but I do not think you know why God made you.” I was taken aback by the phrase, “why God made you.” I have heard people talk about purpose and destiny, “but why God made me” had a little different meaning to it. Could one really know this? I pursued her comment and before I knew it we scheduled a full day for her to walk me through a simple process that has been very beneficial to me, even to this day, now more than two decades later. I have been helping men and women discover their purpose and “why God made them” for many years now. I pray this booklet will help you, too, discover why God made you. -  Os Hillman. Booklet, 32 pages.
Two Ten Magazine - Marketplace Leaders Edition
Our Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $5.00
You save $10.00!

Marketplace Leaders Two Ten Magazine
The Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel
Our Price: $5.99

Using the dramatic scenario of an investigative journalist pursuing a hot story, Lee Strobel uses his experience as a reporter for the CHICAGO TRIBUNE to interview experts from the fields of science, philosophy, and history in an attempt to force the truth about Jesus Christ and Christianity out into the open.
Undeniable Destiny, by Linda Caster
Our Price: $7.00

Read the true story of a modern-day Joseph journey. It's a story of the undeniable way God uses ordinary people to impact the world.
The Business Card, by Dr. Steve O. Steff
Our Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $7.50
You save $7.50!

The Business Card
Top 10 Things Guaranteed to Kill Your Destiny (and how to avoid them) (eBook), by Os Hillman
Our Price: $7.99

Both God and Satan want you dead, but for different reasons. Satan wants to destroy your destiny, but God wants your old man to die so that Christ can fully live His life through you. In Top 10 Things Guaranteed to Kill Your Destiny (and how to avoid them), Os Hillman shares the 10 things he believes are strategies of the enemy of our soul to keep us from fulfilling your destiny. This is the INSTANT DOWNLOAD eBook version (PDF format) of this book. The book is not available in hardcopy form. No shipping charges!
So You Want To Write A Book, by Os Hillman
Our Price: $8.00

So you want to write a book. Good for you.

I run into a lot of people who have a book in their heart but don’t know how to get it out. Not everyone is a marketing guy like me. They often say, “I haven’t the faintest idea of where to begin.”

So, after hearing so many of these stories so much I finally decided to write a small book to help people who need a little support to jump start the process and how to make that book a reality.

This little book is largely about my own 20-year experience in writing and publishing, mostly within the Christian market. However, what I write in this book will help you whether you are faith-based or not. If you want to write a book, this book will give you some insider information that can help you get your book out in as little of 30 days once you finish the writing.

The Ancient Paths, by Craig Hill
Our Price: $9.00

Whether we realize it or not, truly nothing will impact the course of our own lives and particularly those of our children more than rediscovering what the Bible calls the Ancient Paths.
Captive: The Untold Story of the Atlanta Hostage Hero
Our Price: $15.00
Sale Price: $9.75
You save $5.25!

In April 2005, Ashley Smith made headlines around the globe when she
miraculously talked her way out of the hands of alleged courthouse
killer Brian Nichols after he took her hostage for seven hours in her
suburban Atlanta apartment. In this moving, inspirational memoir, the
26-year-old widowed mother of a six-year-old girl shares for the first
time the little-known details of her traumatic ordeal, and expands on
how her faith and the bestselling book The Purpose-Driven« Life helped
her survive and bring the killer's murderous rampage to a peaceful end.
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