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The Business Card, by Dr. Steve O. Steff
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The Business Card
Making Godly Decisions: How to Know and Do the Will of God (eBook), by Os Hillman
Our Price: $7.99

This is the INSTANT DOWNLOAD eBook version (ePub format) of "Making Godly Decisions" by Os Hillman.

Captive: The Untold Story of the Atlanta Hostage Hero
Our Price: $15.00
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In April 2005, Ashley Smith made headlines around the globe when she
miraculously talked her way out of the hands of alleged courthouse
killer Brian Nichols after he took her hostage for seven hours in her
suburban Atlanta apartment. In this moving, inspirational memoir, the
26-year-old widowed mother of a six-year-old girl shares for the first
time the little-known details of her traumatic ordeal, and expands on
how her faith and the bestselling book The Purpose-Driven« Life helped
her survive and bring the killer's murderous rampage to a peaceful end.
Experiencing the Father's Love: Learning to Live as Sons and Daughters of Our Heavenly Father (eBook), by Os Hillman
Our Price: $9.99

This is the INSTANT DOWNLOAD eBook version (ePub format) of "Experiencing the Father's Love" by Os Hillman.
Business Unlimited: Memories of the Coming Kingdom EBOOK, by Gunnar Olson
Our Price: $9.99

This is the story of J. Gunnar Olson, an ordinary man's life turning into an extraordinary journey impacting nations, presidents and kings. It tells of a dream becoming reality, influencing the lives of people throughout the world. As he experienced the limits of success and personal ambition he discovered an incredible liberty that tis available to everyone. A must read for every serious follower of Jesus Christ in the marketplace.

This is the INSTANT DOWNLOAD eBook version (ePub format) of "Business Unlimited" by Os Hillman. Access this eBook today and save money on shipping costs!

If this eBook is being used in a group Bible Study setting, each participant should purchase their own copy. This eBook may not be re-sold, copied, or reproduced in any way. It is intended for personal use only.

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Making Godly Decisions: How to Know and Do the Will of God, by Os Hillman
Our Price: $30.00
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Every day men and women are faced with life-changing decisions that impact their future. What method should they use for making those decisions? How can you know if you are making a decision that will be blessed by God? In Making Godly Decisions, Os Hillman provides a thorough look, through scripture and personal experience, the principles for making good decisions that are also godly decisions. Includes a FREE mp3 download of our teleseminar on How to Host an Effective Small Group in the Workplace. A $20 value!
Overcoming Through Intercessory Prayer - Audio CD, by Os Hillman
Our Price: $10.00

Did you know that many things on earth don't happen because we have not exercised the authority God has given to us? When Jesus was about to leave earth He gave authority to His disciples and to us to activate His covenants on the earth. Find out why we fail to see God move on our behalf and how you can see things happen by applying what Os shares in this new teaching on intercessory prayer.
Hearing the Voice of God in the Workplace - Audio CD, by Tom Fox
Our Price: $10.00

In this audio CD recording, Tom Fox shares how he learned to hear God's voice in the workplace and how it changed his life, both on a personal level and in his vocation.
Hearing God at Work - Audio CD, by Os Hillman
Our Price: $10.00

Os Hillman shares the many ways that God speaks to men and women in the workplace today. This practical session is loaded with personal stories and application of the biblical foundation of hearing God's voice. If you struggle with hearing God's voice, this session will help you understand why God speaks to each person differently and what you need to do to better discern God's voice in your life.
Why Pray? - Audio CD, by Craig Hill
Our Price: $27.00
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Purchase includes FREE mp3 download of Tommi Femrite's teleseminar on Prayer That Moves Mountains. A $20 value! Craig teaches on the power of prayer--to listen and pray without ceasing so that God's will can be accomplished on the earth.
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